Crete - September 2006

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The following descriptive prose is from the introduction to “Crete” by the authors Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls.  It is just so delightful I felt compelled to use it as an introduction to our website of photographs of our first visit to Crete.

 “Golden, diamond Crete is an enchanted isle.  Other Greeks, with a mixture of envy and awe, call it the ‘Megalonisos’, the big island, a place apart, remote and often mysterious: the home of King Minos, Pasiphai and the Minotaur, of towering snow-capped mountains that are blinding in the sun and, of memory older than history, of bulls and double axes and indomitable resistance fighters against Turkish or German occupiers who believed in Freedom or Death; of yellow clouds of butterflies in jagged ravines and El Greco and shepherds improvising verses and Zeus of the Thunderbolts and bare breasted godesses wearing scarlet lipstick, lemon groves and Zorba and Kazantzakis and wild thyme and Arians spinning on her dance floor made by Daedalus: Crete is anything but ordinary.”

We hope to return ...

The map below shows the places we visited and chronicled on this site.

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The Detail Map below shows the 'local area' around the Bromley House -"Spiti Bromley" is an approximate translation from the Greek to semi-phonetic English.


Spiti Bromley

Cave & Cove


Kokkino Chorio