On a beautiful, cloudless Mediterranean day, Leonard and Trisha, being first-time visitors to Crete, along with Seth (who had been to Crete but had not made the pilgrimage) travelled from Kokkino Horio in Western Crete some two hours to Knossos, located just five kilometres south-east of the capital of Crete, Iraklion, Iraklioe or Herakleion or ... (there appear to be various spellings for most towns, as well of course the name written in the Greek alphabet).

As we wandered around this incredible site of some 20,000 square metres, we wondered at the industry of the civilisation that built the palace some two thousand years BC, and tried to come to an understanding of where the many myths end and recorded history takes over. Here at Knossos we concluded that there were more questions than answers and vowed to read more on the subject and to visit the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion which we did not have time for this visit to see the many artefacts discovered during the excavations.

Click here if you wish to see some notes about the site and the excavations & learn a little about this amazing place. These are more for our benefit as we know that many of our friends have visited Knossos and also are erudite scholars of the myths and history of Greece.

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